Saturday, July 30, 2016

What is APTT?

Is your school using APTT this year?  Many schools are adapting this new way of conducting parent teacher conferences.  APTT stands for Academic Parent Teacher Teams.  For the past 3 years, I worked in a priority school where West Ed was our consulting firm.  They introduced APTT to us and I was one of the pilot classrooms for the program.  

Like all new things, many teachers (and parents) can be resistant to this change!  Most of our district still does traditional parent-teacher conferences so it was a struggle to get parents to understand what we were doing here!  I came up with my own letters trying to explain the process, spent time at the APTT meetings explaining the shift, and made plenty of phone calls yet I still had many parents who just wanted to schedule traditional conferences.  Don't get me wrong, one-on-one conferences are still a part of APTT and they are important, I just do not think they are necessary for every student.

So as you may know if your school has adapted APTT & you have attended the trainings, APTT is a group meeting where you establish relationships with parents & they establish relationships with each other.  You share student data (using numbers for confidentiality) and set goals for each student.  These meetings last for around 2 hours (3 times a year) so you get enough time to talk with parents as a group, present a skill, play a game, and talk with parents individually.  

It is always awkward at first but once you get through the ice breaker, most parents have loosened up & by the end of the meeting, you may have trouble getting parents to stop talking & go home! 

(This is what you want! ... when your custodian comes in to kick you out, you know it was a success!  Just prepare to stay late on APTT nights!)

Anyway, if you are on this page, you have probably gone through the training & got the West Ed resources but you have no idea what skill to focus on or what activity to send home, right?

This was the hardest part for all of us transitioning to APTT!

As a 1st Grade teacher, I chose to focus on sight words & addition.  These are skills that students NEED before they leave my classroom for academic success!  But what activity could I prep for 26 students that wouldn't take weeks to prep or cost an arm & leg?  And what could I play with parents at a meeting that would not be too hard to understand?

So, this is why I have created some resources for you!  All of these are ready to print & laminate, have a complete list of materials needed, & include teacher & parent instructions!

Click the pictures to view each product!

These resources are made for K-2 and have plenty of options for each grade and for differentiation!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!

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