Thursday, July 14, 2016

DIY Vintage, Distressed, & Repurposed Wood Signs

Okay, so yes, this is a TEACHING blog... however, I have this crazy new obsession that I wanted to share with you all!  So, it's still teaching, right?

So I honestly do not remember how or why I got started doing this... I really need to be creating things for TpT, blogging about WBT, and planning for the new school year but I just can't!  I only get a small amount of time to myself when the baby sleeps so I have to choose... and right now, I choose crafting!

By the way, if you haven't met Ayson yet... here ya go!  He is almost 6 months old already!

Okay so on to the DIY part... so I collected a bunch of pallets from a nearby school that is building a new addition.  I googled this and if you are looking for pallets, schools, Craigslist, churches, local businesses, and Facebook marketplace are great places!

I power wash the pallets when they are still together... this one I did not even think it was dirty but power washers are a powerful thing!  Then I set them out to dry and wait!

At first my husband was trying to tear them apart with a hammer... I do NOT recommend this strategy!  Our neighbor came over with a sawzall... this amazing tool that cuts through nails!  Pallets are made super strong so they are hard to take apart without a tool.

Once the pallet is disassembled, you can leave the pieces long or cut them in half... whatever you prefer!

I use Gorilla Wood Glue and clamps to connect pieces.  It takes about 24 hours to dry.

Once they are connected, it is time to sand it!  Some pieces I did not have to sand.. it just depends on the condition of the wood from your pallet.

I do this process with as much wood as I can so then I can start the fun part.... PAINTING!!  I have a ton of leftover paint from when we bought our house and we were sampling different colors.  So for right now, I am just using whatever I have!

It has been really sunny and hot here so the paint dries fast!  While I am waiting I figure out what I want the sign to say and design it using Power Point.  I print out the images and place them on the wood to make sure it will look right...

This is the part people keep asking me about!

After I make sure the wording looks good, I turn the paper over and trace the letters with a pencil on the back.

Then I turn it back over, place it back on the wood and rub with a pen or sharpie (anything sturdy would work).  This transfers the lead onto the wood so that I can trace it with paint!

I researched many different ways to get words on wood and this is by far the easiest!  I found this method HERE.

Then you just paint on the letters!  For me, this is the most relaxing part :)  After the letters dry, I sand it again to give it a distressed look.  If its still not distressed enough for me, I will dry paint using a tan color to get just the right amount of distressing!

Final touch to make sure your hard work does not get ruined is the Modge Podge!  All teachers have that on hand, right?

Here are some of my finished products... all of these so far are gifts but I hope to make my own soon!  Also, I have done all of these in the last week with a baby at home during his nap times so it really does not take long!

My daughter recorded my son babbling and in one of the videos it sounded like he was saying "I love you.. and blah!" so now we say it all the time!  This sign is a thank you to my in-laws for having us visit them this summer!

This one is almost done!  I added an arrow pointing toward "Always" and still have to distress it!  Another key to distressing is to NOT paint good!  I just paint a thin coat where I can still see parts of the wood!

 Anyway, that is my mini tutorial and since the baby is still asleep, I think I will go paint some more wood!  I LOVE looking at wood sign creations so if you are crafty, leave me a message below and link to your site!

Happy Crafting!

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