Saturday, June 04, 2016

Students Become Teachers in a Whole Brain Classroom!

So, I thought sharing my news about my Whole Brain Teaching Certification was exciting but this just might top that!  

About 2 weeks ago, Coach B (aka Chris Biffle - Founder of Whole Brain Teaching) sent out a challenge to have students teach lessons using WBT strategies such as Class Class, Mirror Words, and Teach Okay.

If you use WBT, you might already know that students love to do this!  When my students have free time (and yes, even at recess) all they want to do is teach each other using these strategies & the scoreboard!  This is what I call "teacher heaven"!

So, when Coach sent out the challenge, we were ready!  I asked which students would like to try, called on someone raising their hand, & they went up to the front of the class to teach a lesson of their choice!  No practicing, no coaching, no suggesting lesson topics.... if this doesn't show the POWER of Whole Brain Teaching, I don't know what will!  

And don't forget, I was on maternity leave for 3 months!

We sent in our videos and ALL of my students received this award from Coach! They are the first students IN THE WORLD to get this! 

... Oh, and in case you didn't know, I work at a Title 1 Priority school!

Initially just the students who taught lessons were going to receive the award, however, since all the students participated in the videos, Coach decided they all deserved the award & I could not agree more!  Plus, I am still so proud of them for helping me earn my WBT Board Certification!  They definitely deserve these awards!

Unfortunately, these were handed out during our Annual Luau party & some of the students left early with their parents so I was not able to get all the students in the picture!

Here are the videos that earned them their awards!

Jahava teaching about Multiplication!
I was not sure I was going to be able to teach multiplication being on maternity leave but as you can see, we did it!  Another reason they deserve this award & more proof of the power of WBT!

Laila teaching about Triple Whammy's!

Nevin teaching us about Addition!

Vayla teaching about Fiction!

Dejia teaching about Nouns!

Daviona teaching about Subtraction!

Damarion teaching about Verbs!

Cayden teaching about Verbs!

I am so blessed to have been their teacher!  I could not be more proud of these kiddos!

As I start my new adventure at a new school, I will miss my Goodland Students, but I am excited to share Whole Brain Teaching with a whole new group of students & staff!