Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WBT Wednesdays ~ Super Speed Games!

Welcome back to WBT Wednesdays!  I missed my WBT community last week but had a great night observing Veteran's Day with my veteran hubby!

My students also loved learning about Veteran's Day and getting to try on some real Army clothes!

Okay anyways, on to this week's WBT topic... Super Speed Games!

These are one of my favorite WBT games because they work miracles!  I am not kidding you!  My students LOVE to play Super Speed so much that I can even use it as a reward for winning scoreboard! *TEACHER HEAVEN*

In 1st Grade we start out with Super Speed 100 for reading.  I make up the folders for the students that they can keep in their desks and I introduce this whole class.  Everyone starts at Level 1 and I put an online stopwatch on the board.  I let them read for 1 minute.  Then I show them what to do if they mess up (go back to the beginning of the line).  Then we start back at Level 1 and play for another minute!

Then I have them work with a partner.  One person reads while the other person watches and makes sure that student goes back to the beginning of the line if they mess up!

We time again for 1 minute then switch roles.

I do this several times whole class before I let them play on their own.  I make a HUGE deal about their goal... which is to break their own record each time!  

Remember: EVERYTHING IN WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING IS A GAME! (The key to 100% student engagement and your teacher heaven!)

They keep one copy in their desk that they can play during independent work time, morning work time, or as reward time when I choose to.  Then I keep another copy in their student data folders that I play with them every Friday during guided reading!

When students are leveling up quickly and get closer to Level 100, I will let them try the 100 word challenge on the back.  They have to read all 100 words perfectly in 1 minute!  Then, guess what they get?

(To get the FREE ebooks, just create a FREE account, click on FREE EBOOKS, and search for Super Speed!)

It's all about leveling up & learning more!  WIN WIN!

Here is a short short clip on my students practicing Super Speed 100!  You can also learn more about Super Speed reading games HERE!

There are also Super Speed math games that our students LOVE!  This is also something that we send home to play at home.  What parent wouldn't love a quick, fun, one-minute game to play with their child instead of hours of worksheets?!

Farrah Shipley has a great video on Super Speed Math games!

Download your FREE Super Speed games today and watch your students grow leaps and bounds in their reading and math fact fluency!

Thank you for sharing this WBT Wednesday with me!  Don't forget to catch our BLAB SHOW tonight at 6pm CST!

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