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WBT Wednesdays ~ Power Pix!

Welcome to another edition of WBT Wednesdays!  This week we are talking POWER PIX!

You can watch our BLAB SHOW replay here!

Power Pix are basically pictures with a question, answer, and gestures to introduce and review a key concept or skill.

For example...
This is part of my Jungle Power Pix Pack that I created for my own classroom.  This is the Power Pic for NOUN.

So when I introduce Nouns, I start with a question.
"What is a noun?"
I have the students mirror me and use teach okay so then they ask their neighbors, "What is a noun?".

Then I answer using gestures.
"A noun (pretending to hold a ball) is a person (point to self), place (sweep arms out in front of you), or a thing (stomp foot)."
Students mirror me here as well and teach their neighbors.

The Power Pix stay up as long as we are working on that skill or concept.  In my classroom, we start out each subject by reviewing our power pix.  This is where we get more into what we call TEACHER HEAVEN!

After I introduce nouns the first day, the next day, I ask the students, "Who can teach us about nouns today?".  Usually at least one student can do it after just one day!  So that student stands up, says Class Class and uses Mirror Words and Teach Ok to teach the rest of the class about nouns.

This is a quick review of the core concepts (which I have linked to Common Core) before we start our daily lessons.

Here is a short clip of a student teaching one of the concepts from our Focus Wall in early October...

I will take a video soon of the entire core concepts/Power Pix daily review and post for you!  We do this at the beginning of each subject as a warm up!

My entire Focus Wall looks like this...

So I have a section for Reading, a section for Writing, a section for Math, and a section for Brainies.

Other Whole Brain Teachers have focus walls that look like this...

This is from Nancy Stoltenberg's blog.  She sets hers up in a grid so she can keep them all up all year long.  The stars along the top have a letter and the stars on the sides have a number.  At any given time, she can call out a number/letter combo and have the students review that concept!  She also has limited space so she reduces the size of her power pix to be able to fit them.

Since I do not have the space for this, I put Power Pix that we have already covered in a Binder in the front of my room labeled, "Things We Have Learned".  

We have breakfast in our classroom so I have to have morning work time.  During morning work time, I have the Power Pix, Biffytoons, and Brainy binders that the students can look through.  I am not sure why, but these are the most popular things to do in the mornings!  Often times students will share a binder and I hear them reviewing power pix, figuring out gestures, and talking about sight words!  It is (once again) TEACHER HEAVEN!

Another way we review Power Pix we have already learned is through MAGIC MIRRORS.  We will take out the binder and I'll call on a student to come up to the front of the room.  That student will say, "Magic Mirrors Please!"  The other students repeat.  The teaching student puts their hands behind their back.  Then they ask the question from the Power Pic and read the answer while the other students make the gestures!

A student comes up and says, "Magic Mirrors please!" and puts their hands behind their back.  The other students repeat, "Magic Mirrors please!" but keep their mirrors up.

The teaching student says, "What is a noun?"
The other students use the brainies for a capital letter and a question mark silently while that student is talking.
The teaching student says, "A noun is a person, a place, or a thing!"
The other students make all the gestures for noun, person, place, and thing (and capital letters/punctuation)!

My students LOVE playing this!

For those of you who use Common Core like we do or other standards, you can find pre-made Power Pix aligned to your standards HEREHERE or HERE!

I still post "I CAN" statements (required by our district) but I put them in a pocket chart outside my classroom because to me, these are more for adults than my students.  Most of my students cannot read them & even if they can, the font is too small for posting them to be effective!

Plus, this way administrators or other personnel will know before they even step foot in the room, what they will see us working on!

So, that is the core of WBT Power Pix!  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please leave me a comment!  I would LOVE to hear from you!  Thank you for checking out my blog!

Happy *Whole Brain* Teaching!

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