Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morning Meeting Sentence Builders!

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I wanted to write up a quick blog post on how I use my Morning Meeting Sentence Builders in my classroom!  This is a favorite morning meeting activity not only for my students, but for me as well!  I love this because it promotes team building while practicing sentence building & sight word skills at the same time!  What could be better than that, right?

I will start out by saying this is not a NO PREP activity!  You have to laminate and cut the sentences but once you have done this, you can play over and over, year after year!  I don't know about you but I love to have everything seasonal so I made a morning meeting set for each month (3 for December)!

I simply organize them in labeled ziploc bags & pull them out as needed!

So here is how this works....

You get at least 6 different sentences (enough cards for 30+ students).  Each sentence set has a different colored border.

So this one has a green border. When you cut them, be sure not to cut off the border!  When you pass out these cards, all the students with a GREEN border will be a group.

This set has a blue border so all of the students who get a BLUE border card will be a group.

I pass out the cards (higher students may get more than one card).  Once everyone has at least 1 card, I tell the students to find their groups!  I love this part because they will end up working with students they normally do not work with and every time you play, they will end up in a new group with new students!

Once they find their group, they have to WORK TOGETHER to put their sentence together correctly!  This is great practice for capital letters, punctuation, and sight words!

I start out the year using pictures instead of words for some of the sentences.  Once they get used to the game, I will add the picture and the word (picture of the bus and the word bus) and teach students to put the picture under the word.  Eventually, I will take out the pictures!  This is also great for differentiating!

The first group to put their sentence together correctly wins!  What do they win?  In my class, they get a 10 finger wooo!  If a group finishes and other groups are still working, I have them read the sentence using Whole Brain Teaching Oral Writing!

Once all the groups are done, we do a gallery walk to read the sentences the other groups put together!  In my classroom, they read each one orally using the brainies for capital letters and punctuation!

I have included ideas and instructions for organizing your sentence cards without the colored border!

As of right now, these are the versions that are available...

Click on any of the images to get your copy!  The Morning Meeting BUNDLE (full year of sentence builders) is coming soon!

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