Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WBT Wednesdays PREMIERE! **Student Engagement ~ Whole Brain Teaching Style**

Welcome to WBT Wednesdays!
I am so excited to collaborate with so many amazing Whole Brain Teachers every week!

If you missed the details, here is how it works:
WBT Board Members & Staff will be doing live Blab shows every Wednesday at 6pm CST.  Just got to and search WBT!  All you need is a Twitter account!

Then, I will be hosting a weekly linky party for all Whole Brain Teachers with a blog on the same topic!  You can blog about how you use the strategies, your experiences, your questions, what works, what doesn't, ideas, etc!  Be sure to follow my WBT Facebook Page for details on the topic of the week!

You can watch the BLAB.IM replay by CLICKING HERE!

Okay, so this week the topic is the Attention Getter (Class/Yes) and the Focuser (Hands & Eyes).  

**The Attention Getter**

So, if you have not tried using "Class Class" with your students yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  It is by far the most effective (and the most fun) way to immediately get your students' attention!  If you are still flicking the lights, counting to 5, or doing that silly clap thing, it is time to upgrade!

The key to using this attention getter is consistency and setting expectations!  I have heard teachers use this and only half the class responds, yet the teacher moves on.  This is a NO NO!  You have to set your expectations high and accept no less!  I expect complete silence after my class responds "Yes Yes".  If I do not get it, I will either call Class Class again, or it will be a Mighty Groan on the SCOREBOARD.  We PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Right now, we are in the 4th week of school and we are STILL practicing getting our Class Class down!  Sometimes it takes a little longer but be consistent and don't give up!

However you say Class, the students should respond with Yes the same way.  Some examples are:

"Class Class!" ~ "Yes Yes"
"Class Chicka Class Class" ~ "Yes Chicka Yes Yes"
"Oh my Class!" ~ "Oh my Yes"
"Yo Class!" ~ "Yo Yes!"
"Attention Class!" ~ "Attention Yes!"
"Class A Doodle Doo" ~ "Yes A Doodle Doo"

You get the point!  There are so many varieties and my kiddos LOVE to make up their own versions!  Once they get the hang of Class Class, I start introducing more versions & letting them help me come up with ideas!  Last year, a favorite in my class was

"Minions Class!" ~ "Bee-Doh Bee-Doh Yes!"

There are also tons of ideas in both of Coach B's books, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids and 122 Amazing Games!

**The Focuser**
Okay, so you called Class Class but now that your students are so used to hearing that, we need to REALLY get their attention when you have an important point to make, right?

This is when we use "Hands & Eyes"!  You call out "Hands & Eyes" and the kids reply "Hands & Eyes"....but that's not it!  They also fold their hands and put their laser eyes on you because they know you are going to tell them something SUPER important!

To add even more drama to this (or just to change it up sometimes), you can make a "Really Big Point" Arrow!  Stand here when you have something amazing to say!

This arrow is from my friend over at Mrs. Unger's Unbelievable Elementary Experiences!  I have not made mine yet but I definitely plan to as soon as I get settled into this school year!

Don't forget to join us tonight on for more discussion around getting 100% Student Engagement in your classroom!

Check out some other awesome WBT Teachers below and if you have used either of these strategies, link up with us!


  1. For your next link up could you keep it open at least a week? Had a crazy week and just finished my post. :(

  2. Since we are doing this every week, I cannot keep it open a week but they are open for several days after the Blab!