Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Welcome to another edition of WBT Wednesdays!  This week we are talking all things MIRROR WORDS!  Another AMAZING engagement strategy from Coach B!

Whether you use other parts of WBT or not, mirror words can work for you!  Best of all, it is simple, FREE, and the kids LOVE it!  I'm talking all kids.... Kindergarten through College!

When I first started using WBT, I was practicing Mirror Words & Teach Okay with my class.  Through this, I had a light bulb go off and I realized that most of the time I was doing all my wonderful, meaningful, exciting students were not actually listening to me!  They could not repeat what I said at all!  They looked good (most of them anyway) ... sitting nicely, eyes on me, ready to learn.... or so I thought!

Ever since I started using mirror words & teach okay, I have seen a HUGE difference in the retention of information in my students!  Especially my struggling students!

In this mini-clip, you can see how powerful mirror words can be!  It is around 18 seconds in that my student says, "Mirror Words".  Notice how much more ENGAGED the entire class is with this technique versus if he just stood up and talked to the class without mirror words!

If you are wondering how I taught my 1st Graders multiplication, check out the Whole Brain Teaching tab at the top of this page!

But as you can see, using mirror words is so much more engaging!

As I stated earlier, even if you are not using WBT, Mirror Words is a great way to start!  The concept is simple....  STOP TALKING!

Seriously tho...

The point of our classrooms if for our students to learn, right?  So why not let them teach?  

Benjamin Franklin said it best!

So how does Mirror Words work?

It is really quite simple!  You say, "Mirror Words" and put your hands up (like a stick up!).  The students repeat, "Mirror Words" and do whatever you do!  You speak in short phrases so they can repeat whatever it is your are saying.

You can see in the video above how the students have also learned to speak in short phrases so that when they are teaching, the class can repeat them.  Adjust this to fit the needs of your students in your classroom!  If they can remember more, talk a little more!  If they can't, talk even less (until they get the hang of it!)

I use Mirror Words EVERY TIME I teach anything!  No more Mrs. Martin at the front of the room talking all day!  Whether its Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, procedures, etc... I am using Mirror Words!  And the best part about it is that once you teach the students how to do it, they can take over teaching your class & you have found teacher heaven!

To read more about Mirror Words, CLICK HERE and if you do not have the AMAZING WBT book (with lots more information on this and other strategies) you can get it here!

Thanks for checking me out for this WBT Wednesday and be sure to check back weekly for more WBT Tips & Tricks PLUS links to other WBT blogs with even more information!

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  1. Excellent post, Heidi! Your video of your class was a great way to show student engagement!!