Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Teacher Week ~ Classroom Tour!

Okay, so I have to do a classroom tour BUT, this is my 2nd day of school in 90 degrees with NO air and I'm preggo so yes, I am whining!  And I am exhausted!  So, with that said, this is going to be a short classroom tour!

I have a challenging class so far this year and I have 28 kiddos... so far 25 have shown up and one is on vacation so my fingers are crossed for 26 because we are already cramped with 26 desks!

This is an overview of my room... and I took these pics today because I totally forgot so don't mind the 2nd day mess!

Ugh, you see all of those desks?  We can barely move in here!

This is my Super Improver Wall and as you can see, last year I had one living legend!  I have his brother in my class now so it's funny that he has to see this everyday!

Our WBT Rules are posted here, our daily schedule, and our calendar is here as well!

Here is a closer look at my starting Super Improver Board!  To see how this looks further into the year, CLICK HERE!

This is my new word wall!  I love it over here because this is my leveled library area for centers.  Moving the word wall to a workable space is going to make it much more efficient I think!  I started out the word wall this year with the words from the first 10 levels of Super Speed 100!

Our birthday chart is also here!

This is our Classroom Jobs area.  I have not yet put up student pictures or names for job assignments yet but I will be starting that next week!

This is also our pencil station and soon to be Facebook Wall!  I will post about how I use this Facebook Wall soon!

This is my writing station starting out with SuperSpeed, List 1, Alphabet Tracers, Dictionaries and Thesauruses!

This is our spot for counting how many days we have been in school, our Wacky FUN Buttons, our Shopping Catalog (more info to come on how I use this!), and our WBT Biffytoons Binder!

This is an overview of the front of our classroom and here you can see the Star Student Board and WBT Scoreboard!

This is our unleveled library that we use for centers and DEAR time!

This is my Guided Reading Area and Focus Wall with WBT Power Pix!

Oh my goodness, that was the fastest tour EVER and I have so much more I want to share!  I have a blog TO-DO list so if you have any questions on how I use anything, please leave me a comment and I will be sure to get to it!

Thanks for taking this tour with me and I hope you are all having a GREAT start to your school year!


  1. Super cute room! Love the thatched umbrella. All the jungle touches are fun! Whew! No AC...that's rough. The Techie Playground 

  2. Your room looks great, Heidi! I know how hard you worked to make it extra fun for your students! Have a fantastic year!!