Friday, September 11, 2015

5 For Friday - September 11th

It's Friday!!  Made it through week 2 of school!  The beginning is the worst, isn't it?  But the kids are getting to know me, I am getting to know them and we are finally starting to transition into a great year!  I just have to remember ... IT IS A PROCESS!

Anyway, so today is September 11th and this is one of my favorite things to teach about!

The kids are always intrigued and sincerely interested in learning about what happened.  I always start with a picture and predictions.  I show a picture of the twin towers before 9/11.  Then I show this.

Then I ask if anyone knows what happened?  Most of them usually do not.  So I use Teach/Okay and have them make some predictions about what they think happened.  This is usually pretty interesting!

Then I show a picture of the 2nd airplane heading for the building and we make more predictions.

After our predictions, I use Brain Pop with Tim & Moby and show the first part of the 9/11 video.  This is not meant for primary grades so I usually stop it when they start to talk about the Pentagon.

Then I show pictures of police officers, firefighters, military, and other people who helped out that day!  We start talking about what it means to be a hero & then we write about it!

Then, I read September 12th!  I love this book and I also use this as a tool to show my firsties that anyone can be an author!

The last thing we do is put on our WE REMEMBER badges!

I am having a giveaway!!!  I am so excited about my new blog design, I wanted to throw a celebration!  PJ's Design Labratory did an amazing job working with me to create a unique look that fits my personality (and currently my classroom)!

You can enter the giveaway until Wednesday, September 16th by CLICKING HERE!

I am so excited about parent communication this year because I am using these amazing tools!

First, I LOVE the REMIND app!

It has only been 8 days and already this has been an amazing way to keep in contact with parents about reminders & important information!  As a busy parent myself, I know getting text reminders to my phone would be the most efficient way to keep me updated on my daughter so though it may not be for everyone, so far it has been a great tool!

I am loving the HomeRoom App as well!  It is Instagram for your classroom!  The only difference between HomeRoom and IG is that HomeRoom is completely private!  I used Remind to invite my parents to HomeRoom and it is a great way to share pictures of what we are doing in our classroom!

This year I created a closed group just for my parents!  I like having Facebook AND HomeRoom because I can give more detailed explanations, share links, and post videos on our Facebook page!

I love these apps for parent communication!  Leave me a comment and let me know what apps you use to stay in touch!


It is about that time to talk about Fire Safety!  I always start out with our FIRST book in the Ready Freddy series (which my first graders absolutely LOVE!), Firehouse Fun!

I now have the complete Ready Freddy series!!  

Then we talk more about Fire Safety in writing and math using my Fire Safety Fun Pack!  We tally the room, graph our results, and practice writing Triple Whammy's!

My number 5 is still a work in progress but stay tuned to my blog or my Droppin' Knowledge Facebook Page for more details about WBT Wednesdays!  I am working with Nancy Stoltenberg and Coach B to put my idea to work to bring more Whole Brain Teaching your way!



  1. Love your approach to teaching about September 11th to younger kids. We read September 12 and made hero pictures, too!

    1. I love teaching about it! Last year my husband was still in the military so he came to school in his uniform and talked about how the military, firemen, and policemen helped! It was awesome!

  2. I love, love, love, how you teach about September 11th to younger kiddos. It is so important to teach about and to remember! I haven't seen the book September 12th - I will have to check that out! Thanks for sharing!

    One Step Closer Teaching

    1. Thank you! It's a great book for the little ones! I've always wanted to have my students write a September 11th book but it's always too early in the year and most cannot yet write sentences! Maybe I will have to revisit it during Veteran's Day or another holiday!