Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WBT 122 Amazing Games ~ Chapter 11 (FINAL CHAPTER!)

Hey guys!  Well, we made it all the way through the genius works of Coach B and have come to the final chapter!

If you missed any of the chapters, simply click on WBT on the side of my blog and you will find all my past blog posts there!

Chapter 11 is AMAZING for my upper elementary, middle, and high school teachers!

The title for this Chapter is "Rookie Teacher at Nightmare High".  Now, I cannot even begin to explain these techniques as well as Coach can, so as I always say....  BUY THE BOOK!

It is the BEST $12.56 you will EVER spend!

So, I will sum up the strategies in this chapter but I am serious.... if you are an upper elementary, middle, or high school teacher, buy the book and if nothing else, read this chapter!  I am still tweaking these strategies to work in 1st grade if I should ever be so "blessed" to get a class like I had the year I found WBT with oh so many beloved rascals!

So the main points for teachers here to start are...

1. Get the leaders on your side!
2. Realize you have no power.

Now you are ready to get started! 

Coach B suggests playing the BIRTHDAY GAME.  Tell students they might have a chance to sit next to their friends but you will see.  Ask them to list the names of 3 kids in that class that they would invite to their birthday party.  Don't play this game right away with ALL your classes.... let them be the ones to talk about the game and tell their friends!  When other classes ask to play, tell them as soon as you see some progress in here, you will be happy to play!

Once you have the birthday lists, make a chart (Coach explains how in the book).  Once you do this you will be staring at a "map of the subterranean social structure of your rebels"!

Once you have this information, talk to your class about Good Leaders and Bad Leaders.  Then have your class write down the names of 4-7 classmates that they think would make the best leaders.  Compare these lists to the birthday lists.

Coach says on the next day, your world changes!

Go in with the list of leaders and now you have something all your kids, especially your leaders, want!  As always in Whole Brain Teaching, do not give them what they want too soon!  Make them wait to hear the list.  Make them work for it.

I am not going to explain too much more of this chapter because I simply cannot do it justice.  If you have rowdy classes, too many beloved rascals, multiple classes, etc... BUY THE BOOK and read this chapter!

Once you announce the leaders (that YOU chose based off student suggestions ...or not), start Leadership Training.  Coach explains exactly how to do this and even some scripted things you can say throughout this process.  It is pure genius I SWEAR!  I read this chapter with a million lightbulbs above my head the entire time!  And I teach 1st Grade!

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And lastly today...

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