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WBT 122 Amazing Games: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 ~ Assorted Wonders

OMG you guys I am so excited to share this chapter with you!  First of all you should know that this chapter is 20 pages long!  There is so much in here I cannot share it all so please BUY THE BOOK!  It is the only money you will ever pay for WBT resources and SO WORTH IT!

Okay so this Chapter is called Assorted Wonders and that it is!

Coach is always coming up with these genius games that are free and so easy you wonder why you did not think of this yourself!  But that's why Coach is Coach!  He is a genius and I am so thankful for him!

Anyway, okay, let's get started!  As in the past chapters I've covered, I made a graphic so you can pin it, save it, print it... whatever you want to do to remember all the games that you have in your BACK POCKET because as we all know and say in WBT....

"It's a long year!"

Now do you see why I am not going to write about all of these? :)

Okay so here are some of my favorite tried and true WBT Games and some new ones I cannot wait to try this year!

Wonders to Make Learning More Fun...

1. Pied Piper of Fun:
This is Coach B!  If you were at the National Conference this year, you know all about this trick!  Instead of saying CLASS CLASS.... USE A DUCK CALL!  You can make various sounds through the duck call and however you "toot" the call, that is how the class has to respond!  I don't know about you but I get stuck in the same old Class/Class routine far too often!  I might have to steal my nieces duck call to mix it up this year!

2. Anti-Gravity Boots, Desk World, and Arm World
So I talked about Desk World in my last blog.  This is where students take 2 fingers and turn them into characters, numbers, letters, or whatever it is you are teaching and ACT OUT what you just taught them.  Coach adds another element to this with Anti-Gravity boots & Arm World!  Arm World represents time... so for example in first grade, you could start by your fingers to represent the beginning of the story and as the student tells the story, they move the characters up their arm! (Are you smiling yet?) Anti-Gravity Boots are when students are in Arm World and they have their anti-gravity boots on to leap as high as they can during the most exciting parts! (Come on, you have to be smiling now just thinking about how much fun your kiddos will have with this!)

3. Rat-A-Tat Pointers
So simple, yet so much fun!  When students are reading off the board as a group, have them get out their rat-a-tat pointers (both index fingers) and point with alternating hands at the words as they read them!

4. Laugh Machine
Okay, I need this one!  I always see and hear people ask, how can you keep up the energy all day to do WBT?!  Well, my answer is always that I am teaching the kids how to be teachers so eventually (after I have introduced a concept) they really take it from there (yes this happens and YES, it is teacher heaven!).  But how about another option called the Laugh Machine??  Okay, I am going to explain this a little differently than it is in the book because this is how I would use it.  So the kids all have a LM Crank on the sides of their head.  This turns on and off their Laugh Machines.  When I raise my hands up, laugh machines on (and kiddos laugh hysterically).  When my hands go down, laugh machines off (and they stop immediately)!  PRACTICE THIS so you do not get any leftover laughs when the machine is off or else UH OH!  MIGHTY GROAN!  Coach suggests doing this throughout a lesson, between sentences even, and especially at the end of the day!  LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE and even on your hardest days, I bet those forced laughs from your kiddos will be just what you need!

5. Wacky Fun Button
So I started this last year!  I printed out a big red circle that says Wacky Fun Button.  Whenever I chose (usually after a couple Mighty Oh Yeahs!), we can push the wacky fun button.  We did a 10 second dance party (no music) and Coach suggests doing a Wacky Animal Fun Button which sounds like just as much fun!  I think I might need to add another button this year!  When the Wacky Animal button gets pushed, students will make wacky animal noises until you let go of the button!  Oh. EM. Gee.... so much fun your beloved rascals will not even be able to handle it! 

Wonders for those beloved rascals...

1. Step-Step-Steppers
I did this last year every time I needed the students to do something because I always have a few students who just cannot get multi-step directions!  So every time I need them to do something that requires more than one step, I tell them the steps and move one step to the side every time I talk about the next step.  Then I say TEACH and they have to teach their neighbor the steps.  If I walk around and it sounds like they got it, I call Class Class and when their diamond eyes are on me, I say GO!  If not, I repeat the steps and have them re-teach their neighbor what to do.  I did this all year last year and it really helped my students!

2. Leader Spotlight
Okay so when you have that one kid who just will NOT do anything you want them to do, even the fun stuff, it's time for a little leader spotlight!  Choose a WBT Strategy to practice and pick out some leaders (include your beloved rascal).  Ask them to demonstrate the WRONG WAY for the strategy you chose..... do you feel the powers here?  Even if they do nothing, they are doing what you asked because they are doing it the WRONG WAY!  GENIUS!

The Brain Tree

This is a great way for you AND YOUR STUDENTS to keep track of your growth with WBT Strategies.  Choose which strategies you and your class are going to work on.  At the end of the week, with your class, assign a score of 1-3 leaves on how well you all grew in each strategy.  You start scoring from the bottom left side so that you can see the growth!  I think this year I am going to actually make a tree somewhere in my classroom and add leaves to it like Coach suggests!  It is so much more fun than a chart!  But, charts work too!  Maybe even print off a chart for each student and fill them all in together so they feel responsible for the growth as well!  Here are pictures of the Brain Tree Chart from the book.  I will post pictures of my actual tree as soon as I can get into my classroom to start making it! :)

If you have any question about any of these games, please leave me a comment!  I LOVE sharing WBT strategies and getting new ideas from people!

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