Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts About Me!

Okay seriously, don't even ask my how or why I am blogging right now when tomorrow is the first day of school!  I just feel so behind in the blog world... so much so that I have a list of blog posts to write!  The beginning of the year is always so stressful for me!  So that's my first fact....

I am scared of the first week of school!  No lie.  Seriously.  I get so stressed out because I feel like I don't know how to plan because I don't know my kiddos yet!  The year I over planned, I started with 36 wild crazy kiddos (26 boys) and could not get a single thing done!  So the following year, I kept that in mind and planned to take things more slowly and ended up with 20 students who were fairly quiet!  So anyway, I have tomorrow moderately planned out (since I have 28 kids on my roster right now) and I will plan for the rest of the week after the 1st day!

I have a now 13 year old daughter (going into 8th grade tomorrow!) and we are expecting a boy in January!

I am super nervous for maternity leave because I am a CONTROL FREAK in my classroom (I seriously hate being out for even a day)!  But stay tuned because I will be creating Whole Brain Teaching sub plans for long & short term subs!

Okay def not a secret but I am OBSESSED with WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING!  I cannot wait to start this school year and learn and implement more amazing tools from Coach B!

Last year (before I ever dreamt my firsties would be multiplying), the local newspaper did a story on my class and WBT...

This summer at the conference I got my very own badge as a WBT Intern...

I had been working all year to get an exemplary video for certification & got my 1st Graders to not only know multiplication, but they could use it, explain it, and teach it!

You can see a video clip of this HERE!

It didn't make the cut BUT, I did get the best honor & surprise by being asked to come on board as a WBT Staff Member!  There are only 14 WBT Certified Teachers in the world and from what I know, Coach only asked 5 people to come on board as WBT Staff!  That means, I am 1 of less than 20 people in the world chosen to work for Coach and represent Whole Brain Teaching!  I even got my own WBT email address!

I love sharing WBT strategies so if you are looking for WBT information, be sure to check my labels on the right side bar and click on Whole Brain Teaching or WBT!

I teach Zumba Fitness!  I have been a certified instructor since 2010!  Zumba helped me overcome some rough times and still to this day, it serves as my therapy!  Although it is getting harder and harder to jump around with a baby belly, I am going to try to teach as late into my pregnancy as I can!

My daughter even used to teach with me & choreograph her own songs!

I'm getting a NEW BLOG!  I love everyone's cute blogs and decided it was finally time to upgrade!  I had been sharing a blog with another teacher, however, she ran into health problems this past year and was not able to blog much.  I kind of took over with all my WBT stuff, so we talked this summer and decided to go our separate blog ways!

Her new blog is coming soon but for now, you can follow Samantha on Instagram at The Primary Beacon!

This is a sneak peak of my new layout!  I cannot wait!

And actually, it is Susan Jones' (from Blog Hoppin' and Thank God It's First) husband who is doing my design!  It is different but cute and matches my classroom theme!

Here is a sneak peak...

Stay tuned for the blog reveal and giveaway coming soon!

Be sure to tune in all week for #teacherweek15!  I will try to keep up since this is our first week of school!  Wednesday is classroom reveal day so since I have not done that yet, I will for SURE get that one in!

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. I love your new blog design!

    I also have a list of blog posts to write! Sometimes it's just so hard to keep up with blogging!

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