Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Made It ~ August 17th, 2015

Hello and Good Monday morning!  Have you gone back to school yet?  I have not even been able to get into my classroom!  I am starting to stress out a little bit & all of my school projects are taking over my house!  I should be able to get and start setting things up this Wednesday so stay tuned on PERISCOPE (@WBT_Heidi Martin) for a classroom reveal!

So, I scoped the other day when my friend and I were working on these and got a lot of questions!  This is an up-cycle project because last year when I made these (and was oh so proud), guess what?  They did NOT hold up!  The kids fell right through them!  While, it was funny, they just were not durable & ended up a mess throughout the year!

So, we took a trip to Home Depot, found some wood for $8 (that is the total amount we spend on the wood to make 9 crates!), and got to work!

Other Materials Needed:
~ Staple Gun
~ Fabric
~ Egg Carton/Mattress Foam
~ Drill

The very first thing we did is put the foam on one side of the wood and then staple on the fabric!  This looks nice and neat but the problem is that without an inner piece of wood, the crates just do not hold up!

We had the Home Depot guy measure the outside of the crate AND the inside!  So we got 2 pieces of wood for each crate! (And still only spent $8!)

When you are done stapling the fabric to the outside, you  are ready to screw in the inside piece!  I managed to get one of these done before I ran out of screws so this is still a work in progress!

So now you have an inner piece and an outer piece!

And the final product looks amazing!

This year, since these are so durable, I plan to use these at my Guided Reading table and keep student supplies inside!

So, I was listening to a talk show the other day and they were saying how women should say one thing they like about their bodies everyday to help boost self-image and self-esteem (since yall know we are our worst critics!).  So, I thought, we should do this in the classroom too!

I decided to make something that I could use in my classroom with my students everyday this year!  I will post more pictures when I put it up in my classroom but I wanted to share the activity!

So I wanted to make something easy that the kids could fill out each day.  I am thinking about making a "Sunshine Box" and putting one of these prompts out each day.  During morning work, the students can take a slip, fill it out, and share it.

Sharing could be done however you want!  I am going to post a sign outside of my classroom that says POSITIVE PEOPLE.  I am going to hang a ribbon from the sign.  Each student will have a mini clothespin with their name on it.  When they are done writing, they will take their slip and pin it on their pin for the whole school to see!

I will take a picture of this as soon as we start doing it!

Other ways of sharing could be at morning meetings, with a neighbor, in a group, on school announcements, etc!  The possibilities are endless!

I also wanted to create bigger writing sheets for later in the year when we are working on our paragraphs!  I have included color copies (laminate & reuse) and black and white (positive people journal?).  Currently there are 10 prompts but this activity is a GROWING one!  So, even if you purchase now, you will receive the updates for FREE!

Have you been on BLAB yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?!  Periscope is so much fun and so is Blab!  It is a way for up to 4 people to chat at once and if you are camera shy, you can watch and comment from the sidelines!  There are some AMAZING teacher chats going on every day!

Just go to and sign in with your Twitter account!  It's that easy!

See what shows are live and subscribe to upcoming blabs!

I am putting this on my Monday Made It because I am just starting a teacher talk show on Monday nights called #teacherprobs!

The idea for this show came up when I was periscoping about how I taught my 1st Graders multiplication!  Before I got started, we somehow got into a discussion about the politics and hardships we sometimes face as teachers!  So, I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a regular place to talk about, vent, and share what we are going through?  Sometimes, there are just things we deal with or things that happen that only fellow teachers will understand!

So, whatever you are dealing with, join the show live in a seat or chat from the sidelines!  Let's support each other because #2getherwearebetter!

My last made it for this week (next week I will have a TON!) is my Add the Room activities!

So far, I have September through December in my TpT Store!  Hoping to have the whole year bundle up very soon!

Each month focuses on a different Common Core Standard in Operations & Algebraic Thinking related to addition!

September focuses on adding to 10 using pictures/objects (CCSS 1.OA.C.6).

Each pack includes a student answer sheet, teacher answer key, and cards to post around the room.  The CCSS is listed on each answer sheet!

Visit my store to see the available ADD THE ROOM sets!

OCTOBER = CCSS 1.OA.C.5 ~ Counting on to Add

NOVEMBER = CCSS 1.OA.B.3 ~ Fact Families

DECEMBER = CCSS 1.OA.A.2 ~ Adding 3 Whole Numbers

Thanks for joining me this Monday and as soon as I can get back into my classroom, I will have so much more to share!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Heidi! Your crate seats came out great! I love the idea of crate seats, but I haven't tried making them yet. I also love your Positive People idea! I'm sure your kids will love being recognized and will definitely view themselves and their classmates in a more positive light.

    Teaching in the Tropics