Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Back to School ~ Blog Hop & Giveaway Time!

I am so excited to launch my first Blog Hop and Giveaway!  When I first posted about this, I was just thinking simple giveaway with a couple back to school items.  I got so much more!  We have 40 amazing back to school prizes to giveaway & some awesome teacher sponsors!  What better way to start off the school year than to win one of these packs!

I will be giving away several items in the raffles as well!

First up.... Editable Newsletters!

These newsletters come in powerpoint so you can add your own text and use your own fonts!  I made these for several reasons.....

1.  I could not find editable newsletters that I liked (I like to use boxes) and would allow me to use my own fonts!
2. A teacher parent of mine last year liked my newsletters and asked me to make templates for her!  And... here we are!

In another prize pack, I am also giving away one of my newer items!

My students LOVE these centers and I can do them all year because I finally finished my Pocket Chart BUNDLE!  I just switch out the cards with each season or holiday and BAM!  A brand new center!  With the BTS version, you can start right away and there are pictures included with every set for differentiation!

The last item I am giving away is my Bully Prevention Pack!

As you can see, this includes a FREE Whole Brain Teaching 5 Step Lesson Plan AND Power Pix!  Along with a ton of other bullying activities!  October is Bully Prevention month so this pack will also help you get ready for Back to School!

But this is not all!

There are over 30 other TpT Sellers joining me in this giveaway!  Check them out and enter the raffles (starting August 5th) & also check out their pages on the link up below!

This pack includes:
~123 Numbers Book
~Ready to Go Word Work BUNDLE (all year!)
~Punctuation Fun!
~Shapes Posters
~Conversation Prompt Cards
~Short Vowel Write the Room Bundle
~Long Vowel Bundle
~Sight Word Spelling (all year!)
~Apples Math Unit
~Editable Monthly Newsletters

This pack includes:
~Beginning of the Year Student Interest Task Cards
~Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Unit
~Busy Work 1st Grade Bundle (all year!)
~Into the Wild Classroom Decor
~$10 TpT Store Credit
~Editable Monthly Newsletters
~Back to School Pocket Chart Center
~Write & Color (Differentiated Writing Prompts)
~Marvelous Me - Get to Know You Pack
~Clifford Literacy Pack

This pack includes:
~All About Plants Unit
~$10 Store Credit
~DOL Pack
~Writing Helpers
~Back to School Memory Book
~Pocket Chart Sentences (Apples)
~Blooms Taxonomy for Little Readers
~Editable Newsletters
~Writing Essentials
~Bully Prevention Unit

This pack includes:
~Winners Choice from TpT
~Ultimate Teacher Binder
~Parent Handbook
~$10 Store Credit
~Editable Binder Covers, Labels, & Spines
~$10 TpT Credit
~Quadrilaterals Unit
~$4 TpT Credit
~Editable Newsletters
~$5 TpT Credit

Thank you so much for joining us in this awesome giveaway!  

Check out the sponsors & get more entries by visiting the blogs below!


  1. I make sure I have more activities to do the first week than I could ever do. It helps me to relax. I always have a bunch of good books to read too! I would use these giveaway products with my whole class and in small groups too, I really like your newsletter packet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. What a fun giveaway!! BTS tip-- well as a sped teacher I take time to go over all my IEP dates/re-eval dates and put them on a master year at a glance calendar- really helps me to stay organized and know if IN need to space some meetings out. As a reg ed teacher this can be helpful too and you should always go over and read the IEP's as you are legally responsible for portions in the document. Need a calendar- stop by my TPT store for the freebie :-) Lisa

  3. Get organized before school starts and go over routines, routines, routines!!

    1. I would use the winnings to get organized and spruce up my room, centers, and newsletter.

  4. Hmmmm...okay, one BTS tip that I can think of is BE PREPARED! I know that sounds like a "duh," but really think through every detail as you walk through the day in your head. Put yourself in the shoes of a student at your grade level. What will they need? What will they be wondering? I feel more confident entering the day when I am certain there will be no surprises because I thought it all through!

  5. One of my fav BTS tips is to first focus on getting the physical room ready, and then think about planning and smaller decorating stuff. Make a "must do" and "may do" list for yourself!

  6. I will use these BTS resources to revamp some of the tired activities I've used too many times!

  7. Fav BTS tips: make lists and lists and when you're done make another list. Otherwise you'll forget!

  8. I always go into my classroom a day or two BEFORE our pre-planning begins (our school is GREAT about letting us do this), so I can get my classroom organized & set up before pre-planning craziness (meetings, professional learning, off-site staff development, etc.) begins.

  9. I'd use these packets with my combined 1st- & 2nd-grade special ed kiddos. Thanks for putting together this awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed...

  10. My favorite BTS tips are to plan for more than I think I'll need, and to model, model, and model again.

  11. Be prepared! Over plan and don't forget to have fun.

  12. Planning first, room decor second. You can always involve the kids in room decoration after school starts (it's their room too!) if you run out of time.

  13. Make a B2S checklist that includes everything you can possibly think of. I would rather be over prepared than under prepared!

  14. Be prepared and include lots of engaging hands on activities :)

  15. Over plan, smile and laugh ...NO MATTER WHAT!!

  16. BTS tip: Make sure to have a list of everything you need to have done before the first day of school. Always make sure everything is laid out the night before and waking up an extra 15 minutes earlier than you will later in the year...the first day is always the hardest!

  17. I will use these BTS resources with my speech/language therapy kids! These are GREAT!

  18. Thanks so much for doing this blog hop. I can't believe all the wonderful sellers that were so willing to give. This will help the winning teachers have a great start to their new school year.

  19. Teach procedures for the first couple of weeks!!

  20. I want to sign up, but I don't seem to be able to find how to do it. I guess I missed something. Can you help?