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WBT 122 Amazing Games: Chapter 6 ~ Reading Games

Welcome to Chapter 6!
This chapter has so many amazing resources that we couldn't just talk about it on here!  We are also going to be periscoping about this!  Catch us live or watch the reply for up to 24 hours!  Not on periscope yet?  Check it out!  I promise you will love it!  Plus, Coach B is on there giving out a TON of WBT information that you do not want to miss!

Okay so let's get started!

I made this little graphic as a resource to remind myself of all the games I can choose from when I need to grab something from my back pocket!

So the games that are already on the Whole Brain Teaching website are:

SuperSpeed Phonics, 100, and 1000
Electronic Rhyming Reader
Genius Ladder
Crazy Professor Reading Game

I start the year with SuperSpeed 100.  If I have struggling readers, I pull out my BiffyToons binder.  I have printed off all the biffytoons, laminated them, and put them in a binder for practice and reference for struggling students.  I also have SuperSpeed 1000's on hand for my advanced learners.  If they can pass the SS 100 challenge in 1 minute, I will let them move up!  

I just posted my Speed Read for the year in my TpT Store that you can get HERE!

This is a resource I made and just based the levels and order of words off of SuperSpeed 100 and 1000.

I have not done Spelling for the past 2 years either because I hated our spelling curriculum.  None of the words made sense in the order they were presented and my students never really retained the information.  Now that I have these AMAZING WBT resources, I wanted to incorporate some spelling back into my day.  I noticed last year that even with all the work on reading the sight words that we were doing, the students still struggled with spelling them.  And I admit, I am a grammar/spelling Nazi... just as my husband!  Yes, I correct his text messages!  :)  So anyway, I started working on a Spelling Unit to accompany SuperSpeed as well!  Here is a preview!

I wrote out each list to include 10 levels.  Then I made word wall cards and a list to laminate and post at the Spelling Center.

I have about 11 centers that are ready to print and use!  I also included an extra sheet with more center ideas!

There is a find and graph sheet for every list.  This could be used during morning work or independent centers time.

Then I decided to take it a step farther and add color coded fluency sentence strips!  These are ready to laminate and cut to use in your center to promote fluency!  Each strip is correlated to the word wall words!

I hate the word TEST so I made Spelling Checks.  I made them so they can be differentiated as well!

I will come back to update when this is ready to go on TpT!

Back to the reading games....
I do not use the rhyming reader in 1st Grade but if students need extra reinforcement in rhyming words, it is a great game!

After I teach Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives, I will move into the Genius Ladder.  You can find more information on how I use Genius Ladder by CLICKING HERE!

I am so embarrassed to admit this but I have not yet used the Crazy Professor Game!  It is on my list to implement this year!  I have to remind myself it's okay though because I have only been doing WBT for about a year and a half! ;)

Musical Readers
Adjective Mime
Guess My Adjective
Read Alouds (Desk World)
Picture Walks
Battleships & Loveboats at the Movies
Inviso Comics

So I am not going to talk about all of these games (buy the book here!) but I will talk about a couple of my new faves that I am going to try this year!

1. Guess My Adjective...
If you 1st graders are anything like mine (Coach B talks about this too!), you hear the same adjectives all the time!  Fat, little, big, small, hairy, ugly, etc.... BORING!  Coach had a brilliant idea to find a story at your student's reading level and copy and paste into a word doc.  Take out the adjectives and replace them with question marks.  Pair up students and have them read the story together replacing the question marks with as many different adjectives as possible.  Be sure you keep a copy of the original story because when the students are done reading, you will call on a couple students to share their adjective choices and then DRAMATICALLY reveal the author's choice!  How fun is this?!  Also, Coach suggests to have students keep a journal of their favorite adjectives when you play this so they have a resource when they need it!  I plan to use this in the beginning of the year when I am working on the genius ladder!

2. Read Aloud Desk World
I am loving Coach's idea of desk world!  Turn your 1st two fingers into desk world people?  What kid could resist this?!  So the idea is when you are reading a story out loud to the students, at any point, whenever you want, yell out "Desk World!" and the students will walk their fingers around on their desk acting out the story!  I am thinking depending on the story, it would be a good idea to adjust this a little and yell out "Desk World Teach!" and the students would use their fingers to act out the story AND explain it or restate it to their neighbor!  "I hate reading!" will be a statement of the past!

So that wraps up Chapter 6!  Don't forget to join us Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:30pm CST on periscope to discuss this chapter some more and share ideas!

Happy WHOLE BRAIN Teaching!

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  1. I went to a wbt teaching conference last summer and have used the rules and other strategies in my classroom every year. Love a lot of the concepts! I've been wanting to try the games! Any advice on which to try first?! yperlink to your own blog.
    Ashley Cohen Sharp in Second