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WBT 122 Amazing Games: Chapter 4

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This week we are discussing Chapter 4: Classroom Management Games!

Chapter 4 gives us new twists on the WBT basics such as Class/Yes, Teach/Ok, Mirror Words, Hands & Eyes, Switch, etc.  If you are not familiar with these, you can check out my blog post here!

I am so excited for these new ideas because this way what we are doing will never get old!  And I don't know about you all but sometimes I am just so exhausted from all the politics in teaching, I seem to lose my creativity!  That's when I thank God for Coach!  This chapter has a ton of great ideas that I will keep in my back pocket for when I need to make things exciting & just cannot tap into my creative side.

Here are some of the new twists! OH YEAH!

I am guilty of using the same class yes throughout the year.  I just cannot seem to think on my toes enough to be creative with it!  Coach gives us 20 new fun ways to say Class Class so even if I just pick a few to memorize, it will keep things more interesting than they were before!  Some of my new faves are:

Yo Class (or for some of my students, What Up Class)
Waz-up-wichoo Class
Ooorah Class
Banana Fanna Class

....and some originals from my own students....

Avengers Class! (Assemble Yes!)
Minions Class! (Bee-doe Bee-doe Yes!)
Attention Class (in your army voice with a salute)

And if these fun ways are not enough, Coach also gives us this super fun Echo Leader game!  Choose a few students (another FREE reward perhaps?) to be echo leaders.  So when you say Classity Class, the class says Yessity Yes, AND THEN the echo leaders say Yessity Yes!  Loving this!

Mirror Words:
Just like class yes, Coach gives us more fun ways to do mirrors!  We do silent mirrors where we gesture as if we are zipping our lips and then put up our mirrors, and magic mirrors where you do not gesture but the students make up gestures as you talk.  Some other fun ones Coach suggests are:

Tiny Mirrors
Rabbit Fast Mirrors
Turtle Slow Mirrors
(Monster Voice) Mirrors GRRR!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea on page 71 for a Great Big Point!  I think I am definitely going to make a huge arrow that says Great Big Point to use this year!  Make the arrow and when you stand under it, say "All rise!" and then make your great big point!  HOW FUN and what an amazing way to get your students attention!

I talked more about the Scoreboard variations we got in chapter 3 but Coach gives us a couple fun new ways to play in this chapter too!  My favorite is on page 74, Mystery Road.  This will definitely keep the students on their toes!  You simply draw a long windy "road" on the whiteboard and mark various spots with question marks and exclamation points.  Put a star at the end of the road.  Instead of scoreboard tally points, mark a dotted line along the road. When students are on track, follow the road to the star!  Off track, the line goes off the road toward an exclamation or question mark!  Decide in advance what will happen if they get to a mark.  If they get to the star, they get to play a new game!

This book gives you 1,010 variations on fun new ways to say Teach!  Still don't have this book?  What are you waiting for?!  Join the fun today and get your copy here! The best $12 you will spend, I promise!

For your kids who like to work alone (or let's face it, need to work alone), they can teach their sockless hand puppet or how about their shoe?  Pencil?  A character from desk world?  Endless possibilities here!

More Fun Games...
Okay, this is going first because it's one of my favorites in the entire book!  I am going to give you the short version but you can get the full version on page 87!  I have a feeling this game is going to take over and turn your beloved rascals into your angels!  It's called the Ka-Ching Leader Box!  Doesn't it just sound fun?  So the leader box is simple pockets with labels for the WBT call-outs you use the most (Class Yes, Mirror Words, Rule 1, etc).  Make 5 index cards for each student.  When you notice IMPROVEMENT in any skill, drop that students card into the leader box.  When you drop in a card, the class says "Ka-Ching!" followed by the student's name.  At a time that you choose, pick a card from the box and put it in a call out pocket.  That student becomes the call-out leader for the day.  For example, if James is in the pocket labeled Rule 1, then when you point at James throughout the day, he will call out "Rule 1" and students will respond accordingly.  Empty the box at the end of the week!

I cannot wait to try this game to spice things up!  Beloved rascals LOVE to be leaders so make it a positive experience!  All of the games in this book are games that will appeal to your beloved rascals and give them the attention they seek in a positive way instead of the negative they are used to!  This is why I absolutely LOVE WBT and believe in it so much!


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