Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Share & Prepare Linky!

Hey guys! I am linking up with Once Upon a Classroom for the Summer Share & Prepare linky!   This is great to see help us prepare for next year and support fellow teachers at the same time!  

I am going to cheat and share 2 products with you each week for the rest of the summer BUT.... it's really NOT cheating because I am going to share one paid and one FREE product each week! :)  If you have ever read my blog, you know I LOVE Whole Brain Teaching and all of those products are free!  I will explain each product first so you don't have to search my blog on how to use them!

Okay so my first product I am going to share are my Editable Monthly Newsletters.  I always searched for newsletters that I could edit and use my own fonts but that were also set up how I wanted.... but I could never find them!  So I made my own and another teacher asked me to make them into a template so she could use them too.... and that is how these were born!

As a parent, I could never keep up with the newsletters that came home from my daughter's school because I always worked 3 jobs and was going to school!  I felt like a bad mom all the time!  So, when I became a teacher, I realized it is important to communicate with parents, but I wanted to do so in a way that would make it easy for them!

Separating important info into boxes rather than a typed letter or paragraph makes it easy to see important information!  I also wanted to keep these simple to give you the freedom to use your own fonts and even add some of your own graphics if you would like!

This file comes as a PowerPoint so all you have to do is add a text box!

Pick this up in MY TpT STORE!

And as promised, here is a FREE product for you to start the new year!

So, I do WBT but my school still does PBIS.  I have to tweak how I do PBIS a little bit so that I am not giving out rewards!  We have GUS BUCKS so I keep a tally chart for my students and if they get GUS BUCKS from someone else in the school, they get a tally mark.  When they get to $20, they can go shopping..  I have come up with 35 FREE items they can buy from the store so that I am still NOT giving them JUNK!

And actually now, my whole school uses this AND another school in my district has adapted this as well!  Check it out HERE!

Thanks for checking out this SHARE & PREPARE with me!  Head over to Once Upon a Classroom to check out more teacher created resources!


  1. Hi Samantha! I can't believe you had 3 jobs all while being a mom. WOW. You must have been so busy. I am not a parent yet, but what a difference it makes when parents feel informed. I totally agree with you that we have to be smart about how we present that information so it's not an overload and they can actually read it. Your editable templates look adorable and would definitely save time from having to make a template each month! Great idea! Thanks a bunch for linking up!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  2. Thanks but I am Heidi :) We share this blog so I always sign my posts! Thanks so much for doing this linky!