Monday, May 11, 2015

BRAIN obsessed! Whole Brain Teaching & Brain Games...

Happy Monday!

It's been a little while in between blogs trying to keep up with everything so I thought I would do a quick update on what we are up to!

First of all, I am so excited to announce that I booked a Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Management Conference (finally) for our district!  The amazing Sarah Meador from Meador in the Middle will be teaching all the WBT basics for 6 fabulous hours!  I am hoping to get her back at our school this fall as well!  I have been working to get people on board with WBT since I started a year and half ago!  It is finally starting to catch on! :)

I am working on my certification through an internship with Farrah Shipley (and Nancy Stoltenberg has been a gem giving me feedback as well!) but sometimes I feel like I will never get there!  There is always so much to learn!  I have been working on getting some videos ready for submission and crossing my fingers that eventually one will be semi close to exemplary!  **Fingers crossed!**

Here is the link to sign up for the conference in our district if you are close to the Wisconsin area!  

WBT Classroom Management Conference

Brain Games
So, I have to confess.... I am completely OBSESSED with Brain Games in my classroom!  I truly believe they are making a difference in my students!  I started out with one Brain Box....

I now have 3 Brain Boxes, 4 Spot-It GamesQ-Bitz, and a spatial Brain Builder Game!  I started these as a morning wake-up activity but now we play them every free second I get!  Last Friday, my students got some lap-top time and when I asked who wanted to play a brain game, every single hand shot up!  It was amazing to see every single student want to get off of a computer and play a brain game!  **Teacher Heaven**

Here is a look at some of these games... 

I just got this one so we haven't played it yet!

This one was a gamble since it says ages 8+ and I teach First Grade but they LOVE it and they can do it!

Here they are having an intense Q-bitz tournament!

And this last one (Spot-It) was such a hit, I had to get several of them!  They have a lot of different versions... I think my students love this one because they get to shout out :)  Either way, it works for ALL ability levels and is a really great brain workout!

Since my kiddos worked so hard this year, I am considering turning our centers into all brain games for the last several weeks of school!  

Have you tried brain games in the classroom yet?


  1. Thanks for the Shout Out Heidi! You're blog is super cute.
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  2. HA! Just saw that you DID join the Linky!! Great job!!!!

    1. I think I did it wrong tho and linked just to my blog instead of a specific article! Thank you for doing a linky! It's hard to find WBT bloggers! I found as many as I could to follow for more great WBT ideas! :)