Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Made It... Random Edition!

Okay so don't even ask me how I have time to blog when I have a wedding in 12 days but I think I need a mental break!  And we have been doing so much, I need to share some of it!

My first Monday Made It today is kind of a random one!

My class studied penguins during our Informational Text unit, went to the zoo to learn more about penguins, wrote books about penguins, and read "The Penguin Problem" in our Ready Freddy chapter book series!  So the next thing to do (obviously!) was to raise money to adopt a penguin!  My kiddos had all kinds of ideas ... including letting them out of school to sell lemonade on the corner!  Even though I disagreed to that, I did modify it :)  We did a 1st Day of Spring lemonade and cookie sale!

My kids did school announcements, made fliers, made posters, and advertised room to room!  They also brought in all the supplies & helped get everything ready!  During the sale they helped passed out lemonade & cookies and worked as cashiers, greeters, and "thank-ers"!  They truly did an amazing job!

Our goal was to make $25 to adopt the penguin.  My students raised $250!  We met today and are still deciding how to spend the money.  So far it looks like they want to adopt several different animals to help more than just penguins.  We will decide this week and make our adoptions!  I am so proud of the hard work they did for such a good cause!

If you didn't already know, I am obsessed (just a little) with Whole Brain Teaching.  I did things a little backwards this year but at least now I know for next year.  

I did Triple Whammy's (3 part sentences) in the beginning of the year and then did Genius Ladders.  Next year I will start with Genius Ladders and move to Triple Whammy's because it goes better with 5 sentence paragraphs (which we are going back to now).  My students are currently doing opinion writing with Topic Sentences & Conclusions!  I am so proud of their work!

Anyways, back to my Monday Made It!  We just finished up making our own Genius Ladders!  Some of these stories ended up to be very interesting but then again, that's the point!

Here is how it works...

You start with a BLAH Sentence (Article, Noun, Verb).
Then add an adjective to make it a SPICY sentence.
Then move up to an EXTENDER sentence by adding a detail.
Finally, turn it into a GENIUS paragraph by adding 2 more details.

My original close up pic of one student's work turned out blurry so I will take another one tomorrow so you can see how the student's did this.  I also differentiated by having some students only move up to the EXTENDER sentence.

Some of our ladders don't look so sturdy but their writing was impressive! :)

Okay so on top of wedding planning, we bough a house last month!  I have really struggled with prioritizing between doing wedding stuff or house stuff!  Most of the time I just do both :)

I am a Value Village addict and here are some of my latest house projects!

So our master bedroom and master bath is  still a work in progress (as you can see, I need nightstands badly!).  But I could not resist this project!  I got some ugly pictures on half price day at Value Village and took out the pictures and glass.  Then I spray painted the frames.  I got the letters at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off and of course they didn't have the "&" sign!  So I found it in white for $1.50 and painted it.

I am completely obsessed with buying glass at Value Village and painting it!  The class on half of days is usually $0.25 - $0.50 so you really cannot beat it!  I have some E600 glue that I plan to glue the mason jars onto the candlesticks to work as apothecary jars eventually but for now, I needed to fill some of this space on the cabinets!  Everything in this picture is from the thrift shop and altogether was less than $5.

Still working on the Master bath but we got one of them about done!  Sorry the before picture is blurry.  I literally just downloaded it from the website that had our house for sale.  We painted and decided on a gray and yellow theme.  The glass jars by sink are another thrift shop project that cost $1 altogether!  I didn't paint those, I just used E600 to glue them together and filled them up with gray and yellow random items.  The canvases were made with sample ($2.94) paint by my daughter and I!  They were so fun!

I really want to post some of my wedding DIY's (esp. my bridesmaid gifts) but I am going to wait until after the wedding JUST IN CASE!

12 more days until I am Mrs. Martin and 14 days until I am on a beach in Mexico!  I am so excited but have so much work to do to get ready for a substitute & the wedding!

Oh and let me throw this pic on my MMI #3...  my bridesmaids made this for me!  Such an amazing, creative idea and it makes the countdown so much fun!!!

Before I go, here is one last Monday Made It!

I was sick of having my kids bring me their writing with missing grammar...especially since we have been doing oral writing since SEPTEMBER!

So, I made these AUTHOR CHECK cards.  We reviewed them for several days and I modeled how to use them!  I made them simple to use for my non-readers!

You can get your copy for FREE in my TpT Store!

My students keep these in their writing folders or crayon boxes and so far it has really helped the students be able to check themselves before they bring their writing to me!

Okay thats all for today!!  I will talk to you all after my wedding and honeymoon and update you with lots of wedding photos & WBT information!  As soon as I am back & won't have wedding planning to do, my focus will be back on my WBT Certification!

Happy Monday!

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