Friday, March 06, 2015

Five for Friday!

Welcome to my first Five for Friday of 2015!

My first BRAIN BOX!  I just ordered these and I cannot wait to get them and try them with my students!  We watched Child Genius and the kids on there would play games like Q-Bitz to help train their brains.  Then there are games out like Luminosity for brain training and even the show called "Brain Games"!  Which I have watched several times and each time I realize my brain definitely needs more exercise!  

So, after that episode of Child Genius, I started shopping on Amazon (as usual) and found so many fun games for brain training!  

I also started thinking....

Incorporating brain training with Whole Brain Teaching could possibly do some amazing things!  I am excited to get my Brain Box and start this with my students!

And I would love to know if any of you have tried brain games in your classrooms!?

We bought a house!!!  We are mostly all moved in to our new place and we couldn't be more excited!  This is our first home and it is more than I could have ever asked for!

Which brings me to number 3.....

So yes, we did buy a house 2 months away from our wedding!  We are down to less than a month!  So now that it's March, house stuff is on hold and wedding stuff is in full gear!!!  

I am doing mostly DIY stuff since I am addicted to thrift shopping and projects.... (like I have time for that)?

Anyways... my favorite thrift shop is Value Village and I always go on half price days.  We made a special trip up to Milwaukee to their Value Village to find this gem!

Some guy ran after us to try to get us to give it up because it is a Hartman and I guess it's a high end brand?

Anyway.... it was $2 so we were definitely taking it!

So I got some scrap paper and lace and tried to figure out what I wanted to do!

I ripped out the insides and started with the hot glue gun!

And this is what I have so far!  Not a finished product and I am still trying to line the inside with the lace but it is coming together!

A friend of mine mentioned that this might not be a good idea because people might try to steal the cards?!  I had not thought of that but I can't give up on this idea now!  I will entrust in our guests that they would never do that! :)

I am doing a ton of wedding & home projects right now so I will be posting more of my DIY's soon!

Fact Families!

I finally started Fact Families last week and it was so much fun!  I got this idea from Primary Paradise and I just love it!  I made my own houses and I brought in a tie (for dad), a scarf (for mom), and a rattle (for baby).  I made up number cards and had students be mom, dad, and baby to act out the fact families!  Then we put our families in a house & I think this really helped my students understand this concept!

We talked about how you have to figure out where dad goes first.  If you are adding, dad can go last but if you are subtracting dad has to go first!  

After that, mom and baby can find their spots and switch but dad can NEVER move!

When I picked my family members, I told them they had to have a family meeting to sort themselves out and stressed putting dad first!  While they were meeting, the other students had to whisper to their neighbor and say what they thought the family should do.

The kids were SO into this!

CCSS 1.OA.3 .... CHECK!

We are approved to attend the National Whole Brain Teaching conference in June!  It ended up to be the same week I have to go to Oshkosh for STEM training but my STEM instructors were nice enough to let me miss a couple days to attend this conference!

As soon as the wedding is done, I will be devoting all my time toward my WBT Certification!  I hope to be in the 1st 25 teachers to get this honor!

The conference is FREE so if you LOVE WBT, sign up HERE!

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