Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Made It ... Winter Edition!

Happy Holidays!!!!  Thanks for visiting me for this edition of Monday Made It!

Probably just like most of you, I have been so busy getting ready for the holidays both at school and at home!  There are so many fun holiday crafts & lessons I wanted to do but there is just not enough time!

I wanted to share some of the things we have been doing in December!

This math center is from my "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" Common Core Math & Literacy Unit!  I had some 5th graders help me cut out all those popcorn numbers :)  

I made 2 folders for this center to differentiate.  Lower/Average students are doing basic Addition & Subtraction while the Higher/Average students are doing missing addends and adding 3 numbers.  They love it!

We have also been working on addends in different orders & singular/plural nouns!

And, during morning meetings, we have been using the sentence building cards to develop team work & strengthen sentence building skills!

Using WBT oral writing has really improved my students ability to write on paper!  Check out this 5 sentence paragraph my firstie wrote!

Here are a couple more :)

Whenever I hang work in the hallway, I also include the objective the students were working on AND the Common Core Standard(s).

I have been hard at work skipping right over Christmas and working on Winter activities!  (Not by choice but duty calls, right?)  I like to have my classroom ready for winter when we get back from Holiday Recess so normally during the last week of school, we work on a lot of winter activities!  Here are some of my new Winter TpT products available...

In this pack, you get basic sight word cards, winter vocabulary cards, and a blank page to add your own words!  I keep this center up all year long and just change out the words with the season!  My students LOVE it and it never gets old!  You also get 2 pages of pictures to differentiate for struggling learners.  There are 5 sentence building worksheets included as well.  I find that my students can NEVER get enough sentence structure practice!

You can get this winter version & all my other versions by clicking HERE!

In this pack, you get over 200 cards of true and false addition, subtraction, and equals equations, sorting mats, & writing templates!  My favorite part about this center is that it is differentiated.  You get problems for struggling, on-level, and advanced students and they are all color coded!  

I separated my cards into bags so students know which set to work with when they go to this center! Pick up your copy in my TpT Store!

My last TPT Winter product that I've added is an adding 3 numbers write-the-room activity!  My students are so proud of themselves for being able to add 3 numbers so this is a super fun way to review!  This product includes 26 cards, differentiation ideas, a recording sheet, and an answer key.  You can get your copy HERE!

Another idea I had to review adding 3 numbers was to use snowmen!  So I created a template for the snowman bodies & differentiated writing paper for the equations!

We built the snowmen today and tomorrow we will add the addition sentences!  Here is my template I made to show the students what we are doing....

Here are some examples of the student's snowmen....

Tomorrow we will add our addition sentences! 

You can pick up the template for this craftivity by clicking here!

And my last Monday Made It just might be my favorite!!!  I came up with this idea from a Pinterest Pin I saw a long time ago where a teacher had students write on a "twitter wall".  Well since I teach 1st Grade, most of my students do not know what Twitter is... so I thought about making a Facebook wall.  I was not exactly sure how I wanted to work it (and I am still working out some of the details) but so far, I am loving this!

It is a GREAT way to get students writing!

The way I am working it now is that I am having students update their "status" in the morning during morning work & only 2 students are allowed at the wall at a time.  I used sentence strips from the dollar store and glued magnets on the back.  I found magnetic dry erase markers with the erasers on the top also from the dollar store!  I printed the facebook logo and some "Like" buttons.  I told my students that I am looking for the best sentences, best writing, best punctuation, etc & I will like 2 each day!

I am thinking about differentiating using colored dots to correspond with my leveled reading groups.  Struggling students would only have to write their names.  On-level would have to write 1 sentence. Advanced would have to write 2 sentences.... something like that?  What do you all think?  Please leave me a comment & let me know if you have any other ideas on how to use this!  I love feedback!

And that is all for my Monday Made It!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break!