Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WBT Wednesdays & Holiday Fun!

Welcome to another edition of Whole Brain Teaching Wednesdays with me!  And thank you for sharing my journey as I continue to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching!

This week we have been working with Nouns and we learned about Plural Nouns and Quotation Marks!

I have been doing what I call "Super Speed Rounds" to practice new concepts.  On the 2nd day of plural nouns, the students were doing Super Speed rounds and I was so proud!  This is what a Super Speed round looks like.....

One student stands up and says, "Class, class!"
The class says, "Yes, yes!"
Student: "Mirror Words!"
(Class repeats everything the student says and does)
Student: "A Plural Noun ends with an 's' and means more than one person, place, or thing!  For example, I have 100 dollars!"

Then the student calls on another student to stand up and do the same thing with another example.  The students teach and repeat quickly!  

The other day they got into Zombies so I heard things like a zillion brains and 10,000 eyeballs!  But they were having fun and showing understanding of the concept so it was okay :)

Between meetings, CCSS training, and what seems like 100 observations, I am trying to still fit in some FUN (educational) Holiday stuff!

I love teaching about Thanksgiving and the story of the Pilgrims & Indians!  I also needed some more educational morning meeting activities.  So I made up this sentence building activity that I also turned into a literacy center!  The students had a blast!

They had to find the other students with the matching border colors and then build the sentence.  The first time I did this, I used the pictures for bigger words & added them in later once the students were used to the game!

After the students built their sentences, I had them go around and put them in chronological order.

You can pick up this activity in my TpT Store!

I am going to make another set to go with the Gingerbread Girl Story for December & some general ones to use all year.  My students need as much sentence building practice as they can get!

We also made Pilgrim hats, Indian headdresses, and Mayflowers!  Some of my students are still finishing up their headdresses.  When they are done, we take a class picture of us in Pilgrim hats and then in the Indian headdresses.  Then I take individual pictures of the students with their Mayflowers and let them chose if they want to be a Pilgrim or Indian.  After that, I make it into a class book with the Thanksgiving Story to be auctioned off at the end of the year!  So far this year, we already have 6 class books!

Using our Whole Brain Teaching strategies, we brainstormed and wrote 5 sentence paragraphs!  The students did this all on their own.  I wanted to see where they were at for writing so I told them to try to spell everything themselves & just do the best they can!  We review punctuation and capital letters ALL THE TIME with Whole Brain Teaching Brainies so I also wanted to see how this transferred over to paper.

I was so impressed!  Remember, we are a priority, Title 1 school!  Last year, most of my students were not even able to write complete sentences!  Whole Brain Teaching really does work!

I want to be sure to add that these are not my "advanced" students either!  Both of these students are currently reading below grade level!  I am so proud of all my students because regardless of what level they are working at, almost all of them used capital letters & punctuation (including commas)!

Another class book I just made was a salute to our veterans!  My fiance just got out of the military so he came to school to teach my students about the Army!  They LOVE IT!  He brought in his uniform for them to try on!  This is how it turned out....

We also wrote Thank You letters to the military men & women!

To finish out this week, I am going to work on our Holiday applications to work at the North Pole!  I have done this for 3 years now and love it!  We take pictures of students in holiday hats to add to the applications & hang them on our bulletin board in the hallway!

If I remember correctly, this activity is from Christie at First Grade Fever!

This is how it turned out....

I finally finished my "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" Math & Literacy Unit!!  I am so proud of this unit and super excited to use this with my firsties!  You can pick up the full unit HERE!  Here is a preview of some of the pages in this 50+ page unit!

I am also offering parts of this unit separately AND you can get the writing/brainstorming sheets for FREE HERE!

I use the mouse craftivity from Christie again at First Grade Fever to hold the papers!

LASTLY .....  I am just finishing up making DVD's for Parent/Teacher Conferences next week!  I took videos of the students explaining Whole Brain Teaching, Brainies, and Grammar.  Then each student orally wrote a 5 sentence paragraph on what they are thankful for using as many brainies as they could!  I will show the video at conferences and give each parent a DVD to keep!

Thank you for sharing this WBT Wednesday with me and hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!  I would love to hear how you teach about holidays so please leave a comment and let me know!

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