Wednesday, October 01, 2014

WBT Wednesdays, Power Pix & Bullies!

Happy Wednesday & Welcome to October!

In between my extended school days and teaching Zumba on Wednesdays, I want to share what I have been doing with Whole Brain Teaching with you!

First I would like to share my Power Pix.  I made my own to match my Jungle Theme this year AND to correlate with Common Core.  I will put these in my TpT Store as soon as I finish them!

Here is my focus wall....

I used to post my "I Can" statements on this wall but it was ineffective because most of my students cannot read very well yet!  I LOVE Power Pix and it is amazing to see my students talk about AND TEACH what they are learning!

I moved my I Can Statements to the hallway so teachers, admins, our lead turn around partners, or whoever else wants to know what we are doing, can see it before they even enter the classroom!

We have been playing the Power Pix games which you can find for FREE on the Whole Brain Teaching Website.  

I start out by asking the students what we are learning about.  Then I have them come up to teach the class using Class/Class, Mirror Words, and Teach/OK.

I taught my students "High Five Switch" a couple weeks ago.  So when we practice our Power Pix, one student is a (Ninja) and one student is a (Pirate).  You can use whatever 2 things you want but my students seem to love those 2 the best so far!  Ninjas stand up to teach first.  Yesterday Ninjas stood up to ask the Pirates, "What is a question mark?" (or whatever Power Pic we are working on).  Then Pirates replied using *college talk*, "A question mark is a mark that goes at the end of a question."  They use capital letters and punctuation and do the gesture for the standard.  After they repeat the question and answer a few times with each other, I call out "High Five Switch!" and the students respond "High Five Switch!".  Then Pirates stand up, Ninjas sit down and the roles reverse. 

Since we are a priority school, we have the State Department of Public Instruction in a lot.  They are really pushing for the students to know what Standards they are learning.  Power Pix are a dream come true!  Right now my students are definitely getting ready for college!  I am SO proud of them!

If you have not started Whole Brain Teaching yet, seriously, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  Looking at my class teaching each other today, I was in Teacher Heaven!  I was even able to get some things organized while the students were teaching!  
(I'm completely serious!)  

And finally today, I have completed by Bully Prevention Packet!  I included a 5 Step Whole Brain Teaching Lesson Plan and Power Pix for your bully lesson!  This packet is best used with Primary Grades.  You can pick up your copy HERE! Or you can comment on this blog to enter for a chance to WIN a FREE copy!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. It looks awesome! The kids are going to have a great time with the activities, and everything in the unit!

  2. OK... Hope this works!! I want to try and win the free packet of AMAZING-NESS!! :) - Martha

    1. It worked! Just need your email address please!