Thursday, October 09, 2014

WBT Wednesday on Thursday.... and more Graphing!

Sorry I am late with WBT Wednesdays but OMG it has been a busy week!  I wasn't going to blog this week but I wanted to share our progress with SuperSpeed!

I made my students their own data folders earlier this year and put the SuperSpeed Game in there.  I work on this with them during Guided Reading.  They LOVE IT just like Coach B says they will!

So this week in between sub plans, testing, and feeling sick...somehow I got more SuperSpeed folders ready!  I made a folder with JUST SuperSpeed 100 in it for each student.  I had them write SuperSpeed! on the front and we practiced playing.

I put an online timer on the smartboard for 1 minute and had them play by themselves.  Then I had them play with a partner.  One partner closed their folder and watched for the first minute, then they switched.  We are practicing how to start over at the beginning of each line if they mess up or miss a word.

I love this so far because my struggling students who cannot remember words like "the" and "to" now have a fun GAME to play to help them learn and remember basic sight words!  I have already noticed them recognizing these words in books!

For more information and to download your own SuperSpeed Games, go to

While I am here I thought I would share some of the other things we have been doing!  We are still working on graphing & Power Pix!  Here is our graphing Power Pic...

I made my own PowerPix to go with my jungle theme and to correlate to Common Core State Standards.  We have been playing power pix games all week and it is awesome to see the students teach each other!

During a game reviewing Power Pix, one student is asking "What is a graph?" (using brainies) and the other student is answering "A graph compares numbers." (also using brainies)!  Then I say SWITCH! and the other student stands up to ask the question.  

This day one person was Phineas and the other person was Ferb! :)

After we review what we are learning, we have to practice it!  One way we practiced graphing this week was with skittles!  (It is always more fun when food is involved!)

You can get my skittles graph and sorting mat for FREE at My TpT Store!

Another thing I started this week was to do these take home sheets every Friday and put them in their Take Home Folder covers.  That way the students can go home and actually tell their families at least ONE thing they are learning about.  We all know that infamous conversation.... 

"What did you do at school today?"

Well, hopefully these papers help my families avoid those conversations!

And last but NOT least....

US Cellular funded my DonorsChoose project too!  I am super excited to finally be able to use my Leappads (that I got funded last year) in Centers!

Okay and that is all for WBT Wednesday on Thursday!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please leave me a comment!  Thank you for sharing this WBT Journey with me!

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