Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Turn Up Tuesday!

Okay, I know Turn Up Tuesday sounds like a crazy title for a blog post but... we're not your ordinary bloggers!  After all, our name IS Droppin' Knowledge!  Working in inner city public schools, it is important to stay up to date on the lingo!  It keeps the students' interest & helps them feel connected to us!  

So anyway... it is Tuesday so lets turn up!

Whole Brain Teaching!

Thanks to the MAGIC of WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING, my first graders (to my GREAT surprise) began orally writing 5 paragraph essays last week!  This was my goal for them for the END OF THE YEAR!  When they did it last week, I couldn't believe it!

Here is a picture of one of my students teaching the class her 5 paragraph essay.  She starts out with a "Triple Whammy" (sentence with 3 parts), gives 3 supporting paragraphs, and then a conclusion!

Her essay was on things she likes to do and in the picture she is using the gesture for a comma (write the comma in the air and say "zoop"!).  The other students mimic her gestures but do not repeat her words at this time (silent mirrors).

She also is showing the triple whammy gesture on her other hand.  Students practiced the triple whammy alone for awhile before I thought about trying the 5 paragraph essay!  They would teach each other 3 of their favorite things (colors, movies, games, subjects, etc), 3 friends or family members, 3 books, 3 details from our chapter book, etc.

To start the 5 paragraph essay, I guided students to give me details about each of the 3 things they named in their triple whammys.  Then, as a conclusion, I had students repeat their triple whammy.  They need guidance at first but I swear, before I knew it, they were doing it all on their own!  They were using TONS of Brainies (WBT gestures) during their paragraphs and they even started giving more than one detail in each paragraph!  I am SO proud of them!

AND..... Since they are doing so amazing on their oral writing, I have decided that for conferences, I am going to do videos of the students telling their parents what their strengths and struggles are.... AND THEN....  I am going to have them orally write a 5 paragraph essay saying what they are thankful for!  I am excited to see how they turn out!

Featured TpT Seller!

I am so honored to be a featured TpT Seller on this blog!  Just like we are new bloggers, I am also a new TpT Seller!  I made this FREEBIE for my own class last year.  I decided to share it on TpT as one of my FIRST FREE products!  Since I listed it 2 months ago, it has almost 400 downloads!

Visit JW Designs - Teacher Freebies Blog! to see the post including my FREEBIE & other *freebies* for your classroom!

OCTOBER Festivities!

October is almost over and then its onto the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!  Where did 2014 go?  Well there is still time to get in some October fun!  Check out these activities and products!

What better way to celebrate October than with a pumpkin character book report!  This was the display we used to go along with our class book we made discussing this book!  My students LOVE David & making him into a pumpkin was such a fun class project!

Some other fun ideas for the rest of this month (and some for November) are...

Liebster Award!

We posted yesterday about being nominated for this award!  We are SO honored to get a nomination this early in our blogging careers!  Congratulations to all the other new bloggers that have also been nominated!  Teachers supporting other teachers is my favorite thing!

That's it for Turned Up Tuesday!  Thank you for joining me today!
Please leave me a comment and let us know how you "Turn Up"!

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