Friday, October 03, 2014

5 For Friday!

Its Friday ...PARTY DAY... as we say in First Grade!

I have been so busy this week and actually blogging a lot!  I thought I would throw some of those posts into one on this 5 FOR FRIDAY and add some of the other things I wanted to blog about!


I really cannot believe it is October already!  I am NOT a fan of fall at all so because I know that means winter is coming! :(  Still dreaming of the day I can move somewhere with palm trees and a beach.. til then, I have to survive in Wisconsin....

ANYWAY, my number one and number two for this Friday are my October Packets available on TpT!  Bully Prevention for primary grades & Fire Safety!

Pick them up HERE at my TpT Store or leave me a comment for a chance to win!

I might not be ready for fall for my Firsties are!  We have been working SO hard at graphing and we had an amazing 84 degree day last week so I wanted to take advantage of it and get outside!  

What better way than to graph the leaf colors!

Looking so professional with their clipboards!  Ready to Tally & GRAPH!

And they are off!!!  First we tallied up the different colors.....

Then we stopped to count the tallies....

Then we found a comfortable spot to graph our findings!

Once they were done, I let them chillax for a bit and enjoy the nice weather since they did such a GREAT job!

You can pick up a copy of my leaf graphing for FREE here.

My fiance is finally here!  He drove up from Texas last month and so far so good!  After almost 2 years being long distance, we are finally both in the same place!

And even better, he is back to school to become a teacher and already has a job as a substitute in my school district!  It has all been very exciting!

And last but not least....

Our city has a BEST OF... every year and includes categories like Best Restaurant, Best Hairstylist, Best Fish Fry....  One of the categories is Best Teacher and guess who got 2nd Place!  The first place teacher has been teaching in our city for 43 years!  To make 2nd place in my 3rd year teaching was truly an honor!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

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