Sunday, September 07, 2014

The 1st Days....

Good Sunday Evening!

I cannot believe I made it through the first week of school already!  What an exhausting {but good} week it was!  So far so good in First Grade!  I am starting this year with 20 LESS - YES, I said 20 LESS - students than I started with last year!  I feel so much more organized and able to get things done (like actually teach)!  I'm praying they keep it this way... after all, we ARE a priority school!

Anyway, the 1st week was productive and I wanted to share a couple things we did with you!  

Whole Brain Teaching is off to an amazing start!  We did the 5 Rules, Class/Yes, Teach/OK (in the form of "tell your neighbor"), College Talk, and some Oral Writing!

I made a WBT Classroom Rule book for students and you can get it for FREE here!

I also made FREE WBT Rules and Basics posters for my jungle theme and you can pick up your copy here!

We started centers this week also!  (I am not sure I have ever started practicing centers in the 1st week of school before!)  I start out with the students just doing center activities that they already know just to practice the concept & practice cleaning up and lining up.

One of my favorite new ideas this year is adding gardening gloves from the Dollar Store to my writing center as erasers!  The students love using these!

Another activity we did is the same activity I did in our PBIS Presentation for Staff before school started!  Each child colored a puzzle piece and then they had to work together to put the puzzle together.  They struggled at first because my stronger personalities wanted to be in charge and my quieter students just kind of stood in the back and were unsure what to do!  I let them struggle for a little while and then started giving suggestions on ways to get the job done.  Finally, they figured it out!

Afterwards, we talked about how hard it was when only one person tried to do it on their own and how much easier it was when they worked together.  We talked about how this applies to our lives and in our classroom.  The kids did really well!

The students also did self-portraits with their names {I will post pictures soon}!  I am using this as a display in the hallway for now.  

The only writing I am planning to do before Christmas is for assessment purposes and in our writing centers.  Going for Mrs. Shipley's success with doing just oral writing until after Christmas... **fingers crossed**!

Along with the self-portraits, I interviewed each student and made these pictures.  When they come down from out in the hall, I will send them home for parents!  Stole this idea from a friend who does this every year for her own children!

So, that was my first week in a nutshell!  I need to get a digital camera since mine broke and it is quite annoying to use my phone to take all these pics!  Hopefully I will get one soon so I can easily share more pictures with you all!


My fiance is officially out of the Army and just arrived for good this weekend!  It is so weird that he doesn't have to leave again!  After over a year and a half of long distance, costly plane tickets, and too much time alone, he is actually here!

Excited for all my new adventures this year and to be able to share them all with you!

Have a GREAT week and PLEASE leave me a comment!


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