Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fire Safety, FREEBIE, & Literacy Centers!

Happy Weekend Yall!!

These days are just flying by this year!  I cannot believe it is almost October already!  I hope your first month of school is going well!  So far so good for me in the First Grade world :)

I am going to start this post with my VERY FIRST FREEBIE GIVEAWAY!  All you have to do is comment on this blog post (be sure to include your email address)!  First 5 comments get this for FREE!

October has so many fun things to celebrate and teach about!  We are currently reading "Firehouse Fun!" by Abby Klein and I am hoping to take a field trip to the firestation this year!  My students LOVE the Ready Freddy series and we read it all year long to practice recalling text & making predictions!

My Fire Safety Pack goes along with the math we have been doing which is graphing and tallies!  And who doesn't love a game of "Read the Room"!

I am still working on my Bullying Pack so check back to MY TpT STORE shortly!  

We completed our very 1st Classroom Book!  I made this template based on the Kid President video on being awesome!  We watched the video and talked about ways to be awesome.  Then we talked about an author's job and an illustrator's job.  Then we wrote our own book.  

You can get this book for FREE at my TpT Store.  
I included differentiated pages for more or less writing!

Some of the ideas my students had were to help people go down the slide at recess & to help your parents carry things in the house! (Aren't they cute!)

How I do Literacy Centers...

I have had some teachers ask me to show them how I run centers so I figured, why not blog about it and share it with everyone!

So I got this idea from a friend I went to Grad School with.  I did a long-term sub job for her when she had her baby and I have never come across a better way to do center rotations!

Doing it this way, I get to see EVERY student EVERY day!

So here is a picture of how I set it up...

Once I have my students leveled with Fountas & Pinnell, I put them into leveled groups.  Red group is usually my RTI group, then blue, then yellow, and then green is my highest group.  I do FOUR 15 minute rotations.  The 4 rotations are:

Guided Reading (with me)
Independent Work
EA Center

I start centers by saying Red Group start at Guided Reading, Blue Group start at EA Center, Yellow Group start at Centers, and Green Group start at Independent Work.

The Red Group at Guided Reading would come to me where we do Guided Reading based on their F&P levels.

The Blue Group at the EA Center is a center I have my EA (or Spec Ed if you are inclusion) run.  To start (since my students are still practicing these rotations) I have her playing Sight Word Slap Jack with the students (letters for my RTI Group).  Eventually I will have her working with Words Their Way.

The Yellow Group at Centers would go to the center that is on the pocket chart and work with their partner.  So this way there are only 2 students at one center and usually no more than 6 students at centers at one time.  I leave the pictures in place and rotate the center pictures each day.  

The Green Group at Independent Work will take out their designated Independent Work folders (which we made and practiced before we started this rotation).  They will work on work in that folder and if they finish, they will get a new paper from the differentiated drawers.  (I will add a picture of this soon!) I have a rubbermaid 3 drawer stand that I use for this.  I have one drawer labeled RED, one GREEN, and one for BLUE & YELLOW.  I put work based on the students levels in the respective drawers.

After 15 minutes, I call CLASS CLASS (Whole Brain Teaching) and the students clean up where they are at.  I have 4 designated areas for students to line up.  I just used Zebra duct tape (to match my jungle theme).  So..... students who were with my line up at the tape near my table.  Students who were at centers line up on the tape by the computers.  Students who were at independent work line up on the tape by the desks.  Students who were working with my EA line up at the tape near her table.

Once everything is cleaned up and students are lined up nicely, they rotate.  Since they are still learning this process, I tell them where to rotate to.  Eventually, I will just say rotate and they will know!

Once the students are used to this process, centers literally run themselves!  And you get more time with all your students!

If you have any questions about this, leave me a comment or drop me an email and I will be more than willing to help!

And don't forget... the first 5 comments win my Fire Safety Pack!

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  1. I think this is so cool and the kids get to be involved with it. Keep up the good work