Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle! {Classroom Reveal}

I know some of you have already started school, but we start on Tuesday and I just cannot believe that time has already come!  

I feel like a did NOT get a fair summer break at all.  I taught summer school, had STEM training, and worked on turning my classroom into a Jungle!  But besides all of that, I live in Wisconsin and I think we just might be entering the next Ice Age ...  {seriously}

So, yes it is Saturday night and I am blogging and getting things ready for Tuesday!  Hopefully this way, I just might be able to enjoy Sunday & Monday!

So, first I would like to share some Open House ideas!  

I bought frames from the dollar store to hold all of my signs for a more clean/professional look!  I love the way it turned out!

I used this Editable Parent Handbook from Mrs. Ds Corner for FREE on TpT!  I put all the important classroom info on each page.  Parents loved this!

Get your own FREE copy HERE!

And ...there is a SNEAK preview of my **NEW** Jungle Theme!

These are all the volunteer forms and then I put out a box to hold completed forms.

Lastly, I put out baskets with labels for school supplies.  Unfortunately, not many of my kiddos brought their supplies to open house but I kept these out so I can sort through the supplies easier during the first week.

And now it's time for the big reveal!

My **NEW** Jungle Theme....

New Word/Reading Center!
I had WAY too many tables in my room last year.  I removed 3 tables, made some milk crate seats, AND moved my leveled library over to this corner.

This is the same corner, just higher up!  So I made the fabric chandelier on the hula hoop but of course, once it was finished, I changed my mind.

I moved the fabric to use as valances and used the thatch as the chandelier!  I just used spray adhesive to attach the thatch to the hula hoop.  Then I used command strips and fishing line to hang it!  I will post more pictures of my projects soon!

This is my favorite part!  (Minus that TV that they won't take out!)
I ordered this umbrella from Amazon for $19.99 and I swear it was the best purchase EVER!  I put the lamp I made in this reading corner and the black bookshelf in the corner is one of my projects as well!  This is my UN-leveled library.

Here is a better picture of my shelf (which I still want to paint a cute saying on the front) and my book hospital.  I am thinking of using the empty counter space as a word wall center.

This is my Guided Reading area!

Here is the front of my room with my new Jungle Themed letters & numbers!

My desk area and NEW Writing Center! 
(The Rubbermaid drawers is another project I will be posting pictures of soon!)

The back wall by the door.
Super Improver Board, Schedule, Calendar, and Computer Center!

I use schedule cards from Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.
Get the FREE here!

My WBT Super Improver Board is from Camp Kindergarten and it is also FREE!
Grab one here.

My JUNGLE themed Calendar Months are my own creation (I am working on an entire Jungle Classroom Bundle!) and you can get them HERE!

This is my front window and my 
bulletin board outside my classroom.

The Jungle Themed WBT signs 
and banner are available in my TpT Store!

So... that's my **NEW** room!

I am super excited to share more of my room and my projects with you!  

If you have a jungle themed classroom:
- comment & share your room with me!
- visit my TpT Store for Jungle Themed products
- send me requests for any products you need in a jungle theme!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and thank you for checking out my classroom!
~ Heidi

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