Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to use a Gumball Machine in your Classroom?

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Okay so I have been trying my best to avoid more rummage sales because as you will see later, I have bought a TON of things to paint, touch-up, re-do, etc. for my classroom this year!  
So this one really is not my fault.  My fiance was in town and I noticed this gumball machine at a sale & when I was not with him, he went and got it!  

So... now I am stuck with it and debating on how I want to use it!  So... I NEED YOUR HELP!

I was initially thinking I would like to use it at my writing center (pictures of my new writing center to come!), however, it only takes real money.  Real quarters to be exact!  I am not really a fan of providing quarters for my students and trusting them not to steal them?

I have not tested if it will take play money yet so I guess this still may be an option!


I was thinking I could put real gum/candy in here and use it as an incentive!  

If I use it as an incentive, I am debating on HOW....

Should I put it in my PBIS Reward Catalog and let students earn money to shop for it?

(Get my FREE Reward Catalog HERE!)

I was also thinking I could use it with daily incentives and make it an easier to attain reward?

I do Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom so I am thinking maybe I could use it with the Super Improver Board somehow too?

As you can see.... I need your help!

Do you use a gumball machine in your classroom?  If so, how?

Which one of my ideas do you like best?  Or do you have a better idea?

Please comment below and help a sista out! :)

Thanks! ~ Heidi

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