Friday, August 08, 2014

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!  Today is my first FFF linky and I am so excited!  Samantha has been all over Monday Made Its so watch for some new projects posting soon!

 So as teachers, I know you all can understand that even though it is summer vacation, I cannot stop with the school stuff!  This week I ordered my custom Whole Brain Teaching stamps!  I am an official WBT Intern this year so I will be sharing my journey with you!

I also ordered my tiki umbrella!  Switching from a Hawaiian theme to a jungle theme but I have always wanted one of these for my reading area!  I think it still matches the jungle.... right? 

Sooo... I am also planning a wedding for next April!  This week I went in to meet with the girls from the banquet hall to do some decoration planning!

I used to work at the banquet hall so thankfully they are helping me out big time!

This is my vision!
 Unfortunately, I am not rich.... I'm actually kinda broke.... so we are trying to make this happen on a budget!  Why are linens SO expensive?

Oh yeah... and then we found this....

I HAVE to have this.... at least for my cake table!  Unfortunately now I have an obsession with this beautiful (and expensive) curly willow style!

I was feeling creative this week!  I had a spot on my wall that I have been wanting to cover since I couldn't match the paint.  

So I went to my favorite thrift shop!  Picked up this wooden piece for $1.  Painted it black and added some spare parts!  Thank God I do not have to look at that big white spot anymore!  

Total cost = $3.50 (not bad!)

Soooo..... I debated on posting this picture but I DID do some Zumba at the Beach this week!  I have been a Zumba Instructor for 3 years.  However, with school taking up so much of my time (along with wedding planning and raising a "tween"), I have not been putting much time or effort into Zumba these days!

We do Zumba at the Beach all summer long and thankfully my daughter made me go this week!  It was a great time!

(That's me in the orange & black)

Finally, I opened my TpT Store this week!!!  I am obsessed with buying clip art and fonts now (someone please remind me that I have a wedding to pay for!) but I LOVE creating my own products and sharing them!

I have several more items I am hoping to get up by next week!

Thank you for sharing this FFF with me!  Please follow us as we are new bloggers!  Comment with your blog link below so we can follow back!

Happy Friday & I hope you all enjoy your weekend!



  1. You can definitely make the tiki umbrella work in your jungle theme! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it in place!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to share pictures of my classroom this year! ...If they ever let us in the building :)